Pilates is a full-body exercise system that emphasises core stability, strength, control, body alignment and awareness. Clients perform mat-based exercises as well as exercises on specially designed equipment.

Clinical Pilates is a specialised form of pilates, with individually designed programs based on an assessment of your problems by a qualified physiotherapist. Its principles promote efficient movement patterns and specific recruitment and utilisation of core and stabilising muscles. The exercises can challenge people at any age or fitness level, from the beginner to high level sporting athletes As a result, Clinical Pilates is ideal for maintaining general health and well-being, fitness and strength training, rehabilitation and recovery from injury, or as a preventive measure to avoid further re-injury.

Initial Pilates sessions involve a thorough assessment with our physiotherapist in order to determine which exercises are appropriate to prescribe for your body, and to tailor your Pilates program to suit your needs, abilities and goals. After initial one-on-one sessions, you will be able to progress to small group classes.

What are the benefits of Clinical Pilates?

  • A feeling of physical wellbeing
  • Improved posture, balance and motor control
  • Better dynamic core stability
  • Correction of poor body mechanics that underlie injuries
  • Prevention of future re-injury
  • Developing your body to work safely and more efficiently
  • Improved body awareness
  • Abdominal toning and strengthening
  • Increased flexibility
  • Improved muscle tone
  • Safe management of lower back pain
  • Relief of tension and fatigue
  • Safe pre- and post-natal strengthening and toning
  • Improved general mobility and conditioning
  • Enhanced sporting performance